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About - Tonensia Diamonds


The Finest Natural Diamonds

A Growing Pacesetter in the Gemstones and Diamond Industry.

Learn More about our company history, future and our current operations.

Our past, present and future

Our Company has evolved over the years to an ambitious crafting, mining and development company Tonensia Diamonds is Today. 

During that journey, we have strived to bolster our growing clientelle, while increasing our profit margins from our sales. We have an exciting future, We are also planning to expand our downstream operations to capture more of the margins of cutting and polishing of the valuable gemstones we work with and also protect the provenance and integrity of the process from crafting to the market.

Our Vision

Tonensia's vision is to become a leading global producer of large and high-quality diamonds from alluvial and kimberlite sources.

Our Mission

Tonensia's mission is to explore and grow our production of niche high-value diamonds in a safe, responsible, innovative and profitable manner for the benefit of all stakeholders.


We interact with all stakeholders with integrity, honesty, transparency and fairness.


We conduct operations in a safe, responsible and environmentally conscious manner.


We attract and employ the best skillsets, encourage teamwork, diversity and reward performance.


We work with the local communities in which we operate for common benefit.

Founder Information

Our Founders dream birthed our strong principles.

Our Founder has been our driving force as he has instilled the highest level of working, as well making sure that our design, crafting and procedures meets the global standards which is user friendly. Mr. Tony has vast experience in the diamond industry, his hands on approach has elevated our company portfolio to elite clients who are always delighted with the services and products rendered.